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XUDC9000: Honeywell UDC9000 Controllers DMCS/Transparent Protocol Driver v10.0

XUDC9000: Honeywell UDC9000 Controllers DMCS/Transparent Protocol Driver

General Information:

XUDC9000 Allows you to connect to Honeywell UDC9000 controllers, via Gateway 500, either using the transparent mode protocol or the DMCS proprietary protocol. Devices must be running in WRITE-ENABLED MODE to enable data to be written from the supervisory PC. The connection with the Gateway must be made via RS-232.

Important note:If the Gateway is configured to operate in D mode (Half Duplex),

the RTS must be conveniently wired between the PC RS-232 and the Gateway RS-232. If the Gateway is configured to operate in E Mode (Duplex), the RTS pin must be shorted with the Signal Ground pin in the Gateway RS-232 (it is not necessary to short it on the PC side).

Available Commands:

Supported Devices:

(This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

This driver includes:

Available Downloads:

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