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XSYLVAC: Sylvac Measuring Instruments Duplex Protocol Driver v10.0

XSYLVAC: Sylvac Measuring Instruments Duplex Protocol Driver

General Information:

The XSYLVAC driver provides communication with most of the Sylvac measuring instruments from a personal computer by using the OPTO-RS cable in DUPLEX mode.

This driver works as master and the instrument must behave as a slave device and must be ready to accept remote commands. The driver provides a mean to supervise and reconfigure Sylvac instruments in real time using customized applications written by users.

Communication can take place through a physical serial port or through a virtual serial port emulated with some COM redirector software. The instruments can also be accessed directly through an ethernet connection by using an ethernet-to-rs232 converter, such as those from Exemys. In this case, the driver can establish the connection directly under tcp/ip.

Sylvac instruments support point-to-point communication and thus cannot be connected in a multidrop network. In order to overcome this limitation when there are several instruments to interrogate, one or more instruments can be collected by ethernet/serial converters installed over a LAN. Each instrument will have its own IP:port address and therefore there will be no need to use dedicated COM ports for each one.

Expected communication parameters are:
  • Bauds: 4800

  • Parity: Even

  • DataBits: 7

  • StopBits: 2

  • DUPLEX cable allows a 2-way communication between an instrument and a PC in half-duplex mode (transmission and reception are not simultaneous). The instrument itself must support DUPLEX transactions.

    During communication, it is recomemded that you keep the RTS signal Off and the DTR signal On.

    This driver was developed according to the specifications given in the following Sylvac SA document: User's Manual for OPTO-RS Cable Connections, Version 01.03 / SYL-FDE / 681.018

    Available Commands:

    Supported Devices:

    (This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

    This driver includes:

    Available Downloads:

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