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XSUCOMA: Klockner-Moeller SUCOM-A Marker-Access Protocol Driver v10.0

XSUCOMA: Klockner-Moeller SUCOM-A Marker-Access Protocol Driver

General Information:

XSUCOMA driver allows you to connect to Klockner Moeller PLC's of the PS30 and PS4/40 Series that can handle the Sucom-A protocol for marker- access. SUCOM-A protocol has been developed by Klockner-Moeller as a point-to-point connection method between the PC and Moeller PLCs. The PLC is slaved and responds to request telegrams generated by the PC.

The XSUCOMA driver can give access to the following PLC information:
  • Markers

  • Diagnostic status words

  • Diagnostic counters

  • Processor status words

  • Check the memory ranges which are valid for your particular PLC model.

    Use the following transmission parameters: 9600,N,8,2

    Marker Ranges for PS316:
    ------------------------- Marker range 1: MW0 to MW63 from address 4080 Hex (=16512) Marker range 2: MW64 to MW124 from address 4100 Hex (=16640) Marker range 3: MW125 to MW2172 from address 4200 Hex (=16896)
    Marker Ranges for PS4-200:
    --------------------------- The marker range is not allocated to static addresses. It is just dynamically set according to the requirements of the program. Therefore, before reading or writing marker data, the current start and end addresses of the marker range must be requested. This takes place via the command 'Read Memory Range as Words (AI)". Read the start address at 0040 hex (=64) and the end address at 004A hex (=74). WARNING!: The marker addresses change with every change in the program.
    Note from a XSUCOMA driver user:
    -------------------------------- 'I found the start memory address for the MM1 201 PLC that it start on 2064 position when you want to add any extension (LE or EM4) you should add 3 to that position to have the right value point.'

    Available Commands:

    Supported Devices:

    (This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

    This driver includes:

    Available Downloads:

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