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XSQUARED: Square-D SY/MAX Point-to-Point Communications Protocol Driver v10.0

XSQUARED: Square-D SY/MAX Point-to-Point Communications Protocol Driver

General Information:

XSQUARED driver utilizes the SY/MAX Protocol for Point-to-Point Data Transfer Communications. SY/MAX Protocol is used in all SY/MAX programmable controllers and SY/MAX devices that support serial communications. SY/MAX is based on RS-485.

This driver provides the following commands for transferring data from device to device through standard serial communications or via the SY/NET Local Area Network.

  • Read Consecutive Registers as Unsigned Integers

  • Read Consecutive Registers as Signed Integers

  • Read Consecutive Registers as Bits

  • Write Consecutive Registers as Unsigned Integers

  • Write Consecutive Registers as Signed Integers

  • Write Register Individual Bit

  • Important note:

    If you are using a RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter, it might be necessary to set RTS while transmitting and receiving.

    Communication settings must be:
  • BaudRate = Same than meter

  • Parity = Even

  • DataBits = 8

  • StopBits = 1

  • Please refer to your device's manual to find information about the meaning of the different registers in your device's memory. Because this information may vary from one device to other while SY/MAX remains the same, it makes no sense to write down in this help all the possible register meanings for all the devices that support SY/MAX protocol. Besides, this information is included in the users manual supplied with all Square-D devices. For PowerLogic in particular, this information is located in Appendix-E (Abbreviated Register Listing) of the PowerLogic Circuit Monitor Operation Manual.

    This section explains how users should configure HMITalk1.DriverP6 to access personalized routing information.

    If you don't need to supply any special information for the ID field and ROUTE, you should leave the HMITalk1.DriverP6 property empty.

    When HMITalk1.DriverP6 is empty, the following internal values are assumed:
    ID = 18 (12 hex) ROUTE = 3 (03 hex) + 103 (67 hex) + station number The syntax to change these values is:
    Meaning of the DriverP6 parameter:

    ID,Drop1,Drop2 (Drop3 is always the station address previously defined in the HMITalk1.DriverP0 parameter) For example: Suppose that you want an ID of 17 (11 hex), Drop1 = 4 (04 hex), and Drop2 = 11 (0B hex). You must enter: HMITalk1.DriverP6 = 17,4,11 (if you omit a parameter, its default value is assumed).

    Available Commands:

    Supported Devices:

    (This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

    This driver includes:

    Available Downloads:

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