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XSIM4100: Simplex 4100 Fire Alarm Family Protocol Driver v10.0

XSIM4100: Simplex 4100 Fire Alarm Family Protocol Driver

General Information:

XSIM4100 driver is designed to connect to Tyco Electronics Products Group / SimplexGrinnell / Simplex panels equipped to support the “4100 Computer Port Protocol” as defined in Simplex’s document 950-004 Revision dated 12 May 1994. These include the following Simplex Fire Alarm Control Panels Series: 4100, 4020 and 4100U.

The driver is capable of polling for point and panel status data and some additional data such as the panel’s time and revision information. In addition the driver is capable of setting some control points in the panel – acknowledging and resetting alarms and writing data (where permitted) to some analog and discrete points. The driver is not capable of parsing and storing information sent by a panel in the form of unsolicited messages which are typically generated when there is a state change in the panel or one of the connected devices. Unsolicited messages or exception reports are not supported and should be disabled in the Simplex unit side.

The protocol is a node-less protocol. This means that messages do not contain information about the source or destination address. A consequence of this is that only one 4100 device can be connected to each port of the driver server.

To enable the 4100 Protocol, the 4100 system, supplied by the user, must have a free RS-232 port dedicated for use with the driver server. In most cases, this is not included in the base configuration of the product provided by The Simplex Time Recorder Company, and must be added as a sales option. All 4100 systems limit the number of computer ports active at one time in a system. To determine the limit for the specific product configuration being used, refer to the specific product specifications, or contact a Simplex sales representative. The RS-232 port being used must be configured with a port device type of “COMPUTER”. This can only be enabled by a Simplex Technical Representative using the 4100 Programming Unit.

Serial port suggested settings are:
Baud rate: 9600 Parity: None (4100U), Even (4100) Data bits: 7, 8 Stop bits: 1

If TERMINAL (HSHAKE) flag is set, we recomend that you deselect HSHAKE flag or you jumper CTS to RTS on the 4100 side for a minimal cabling configuration.

Cable configuration for serial card:
  • RX=pin2 in DB9 (computer side) should be connected to XMIT (first pin) in panel card

  • TX=pin3 in DB9 (computer side) should be connected to RCV (third pin) in panel card

  • GND=pin5 in DB9 (computer side) should be connected to GND (fifth pin) in panel card

  • Do not use the cable shield to connect GND signals. Cable shield should only be connected to one chassis side, not to both.

  • Available Commands:

    Supported Devices:

    (This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

    This driver includes:

    Available Downloads:

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