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XS5CP524: Siemens S5-115U/135U/150U With CP-524/525 Protocol Driver v10.0

XS5CP524: Siemens S5-115U/135U/150U With CP-524/525 Protocol Driver

General Information:

XS5CP524 driver allows you to connect to PLC SIMATIC series S5-115U, S5-135U and S5-150U, using the CP-524 or CP-525 communications processor with the RK-512 interpreter. This driver supports both 3964 and 3964R protocols.

The PLC will inform the system of any error condition that has to do with the PLC itself by sending one of the following error

messages in the HMITalk1.DriverStatus property:
PLC:Returned error code #Ah:
  • Source/Dest. type not permisible

  • Access to area not posible for user

  • Error indication from the CPU to the CP, which the CP cannot interpret

  • Moritoring time for handshake elapsed on CP

  • PLC:Returned error code #Ch:

  • Data type does not exist or not permissible

  • Area too short

  • Error in 5th command byte, start address too high

  • Error in 9th + 10th command byte: specifying a coordination flag is not permissible with this data type or the bit number of the coordination flags is too high

  • Error in 10th command byte, CPU number too large

  • PLC:Returned error code #10h:

  • Error in 1st command byte: is not 00h of FFh

  • Error in 4th command byte: command letter wrong

  • Error in 4th command byte in follow-on telegram

  • PLC:Returned error code #12h:

  • System command "XM" not permissible

  • PLC:Returned error code #14h:

  • DB/DX not present or illegal

  • DB/DX too short

  • Error in 5th command byte: DB/DX no. illegal

  • PLC:Returned error code #16h:

  • Error in 3rd command byte: command letter is not A or E

  • Error in 3rd command byte of a follow-on telegram

  • PLC:Returned error code #2Ah:

  • CP has received command telegram, while mode selector was set to STOP/PGR

  • Command telegram was received, however, the CPU of the PC has not yet run the "SYNCHRON" HDB

  • PLC:Returned error code #32h:

  • DB/DX disabled by coordination flags

  • PLC:Returned error code #34h:

  • Error in 7th + 8th command byte: length specified to great

  • Send telegram was longer than expected

  • Send telegram was too short or < 128 bytes

  • Fetch telegram received with information data

  • A correct telegram with a length > 128 bytes was received

  • PLC:Returned error code #36h:

  • Synchron error on the partner, since a new (follow-on) command telegram arrived

  • A normal command telegram was received although a follow-on command telegram was expected

  • A follow-on command telegram arrived, although a command telegram was expected

  • Available Commands:

    Supported Devices:

    (This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

    This driver includes:

    Available Downloads:

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