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XREU523: ABB REU-523 SPABus Communication Protocol Driver v10.0

XREU523: ABB REU-523 SPABus Communication Protocol Driver

General Information:

The XREU523 driver implements the SPA-bus communication protocol V2.5 that was originally designed as a fieldbus in a distributed protection, control and event reporting system, with modifications to support events, last faults and disturbance records for REU 523.

The SPA bus uses an asynchronous serial communications protocol (1 start bit, 7 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit) with data transfer rate of 9600 b/s. (In some cases a rate of 300, 1200, 2400 or 4800 bit/s can also be used).

Messages on the bus consist of ASCII characters.

The bus can support one master and several slaves.

The basic construction of the protocol assumes that the slave has no self-initiated need to talk to the master but the master is aware of the data contained in the slaves and, consequently, can request required data. In addition, the master can send data to the slave. Requesting by the master can be performed either by sequenced polling (e.g. for event information) or only on demand. The master requests slave information using request messages and sends information to the slave in write messages. Furthermore, the master can send all slaves in common a broadcast message containing time or other data.

This driver supports RS485 networking to connect multiple slave devices to a single computer.

This driver supports direct communication to a serial port.

Also supports tcp/ip communication through an ethernet-to-serial converter such as Moxa or Exemys, without needing to install a COM port redirector or creating a virtual COM port.

Available Commands:

Supported Devices:

(This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

This driver includes:

Available Downloads:

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