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XHART: Rosemount Hart Revision 4 Field Communications Protocol v10.0

XHART: Rosemount Hart Revision 4 Field Communications Protocol

General Information:

XHART driver allows you to connect to any smart transmitter that supports the Rosemount's HART protocol, revisions 4 or 5.

HART is an acronym for "Highway Addressable Remote Transducer". The HART specification defines the phisical form of transmision, the transaction procedures, message structure, data forms and a set of commands.

The description "smart" for a field device is used in the sense of "intelligent", to describe any device which includes a microprocessor. Typically, this would imply extra functionality, above what had previously been provided in similar non-microprocessor-based instruments. In a "smart" field device, the analog signal, digital communication and (generally) power co-exist on the same pair of wires.

Multidrop communication:
If the measured variable is going to be read by digital communication, the analog 4 to 20 mA signal is no longer required. It then becomes possible to connect multiple field devices to a single pair of wires, and to communicate with each one in turn to read its measurement (or other data). To do this, each device must have an "address", to which it will respond, and each request from the host must include this as a part of the message.

This can significantly reduce the cost of field wiring and of the host's input interface electronics. Note, however, that the use of a cyclic scan means that each measurement is only examined at intervals, and the cycle time for a complete scan may be too long for high-speed control loops.

Commands Supported:
The following Universal Commands are implemented in this driver,

both for HART Revision 4 and HART Revision 5 Protocols:
  • Read Unique Identifier (Code 0)

  • Read Primary Variable (Code 1)

  • Read Current and Percent of Range (Code 2)

  • Read Current and 4 Dynamic Variables (Code 3)

  • Read Primary Variable Sensor Information (Code 14)

  • Read Output Information (Code 15)

  • Write Damping Value (Code 34)

  • Write Range Values (Code 35)

  • Write TRIM DAC Zero (Code 45)

  • Write TRIM DAC Gain (Code 46)

  • In case you don't know which HART Protocol's Revision must be used, you should send the command Read Unique Identifier to the transmitter and read in Channel 03 the Universal Command Revision returned by the field device.

  • A value less or equal than 4 in Channel 03 means Universal Command Revision 4 and implies that the Set of Commands for HART Revision 4 should be used to communicate with this transmitter.

  • A value grater or equal than 5 in Channel 03 means Universal Command Revision 5 and implies that the Set of Commands for HART Revision 5 should be used to communicate with this transmitter.

  • Available Commands:

    Supported Devices:

    (This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

    This driver includes:

    Available Downloads:

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