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XDANLOAD: Emerson Daniel DanLoad 6000 Electronic Preset Protocol Driver v10.0

XDANLOAD: Emerson Daniel DanLoad 6000 Electronic Preset Protocol Driver

General Information:

XDANLOAD driver allows you to connect to the Daniel Industries DanLoad 6000 Electronic Preset Unit using a modified version of the Modbus RTU protocol through special commands 41h and 42h.

The DanLoad 6000 has two communications 'channels' (ports) with the same address that can accept commands from automation systems. The address is set on the DUART board. Address zero should not be used since only "broadcast" messages would be processed and the DanLoad 6000 would not respond to any query.

If two automation systems are connected to the DanLoad 6000, one of them is typically responsible for 'authorization', and the other one for 'monitoring' (unless the two automation systems engage in some form of handshaking--possibly via the DanLoad 6000's status bits). The DanLoad 6000 receives queries on both communications channels (possibly simultaneously) and (if the query is not a retry) queues them to a single internal process which is responsible for building the response. Thus, queries are handled on a "first come, first served" basis, but an automation system never has to wait, i.e. worst case, for longer than it takes to respond to a single query on the other channel since it will always have the next place in the queue. When a response has been built, it is handed back to the appropriate channel process, i.e. the one for which the query was received, in order to be transmitted to the automation system.

For DanLoad 6000 v5.30 and above, program code 662 must be used to configure the unit's communications address; the DUART's address switch is no longer used.

Communications are full-duplex operating as master/slave.

The maximum number of slaves on a common line (multidrop) is 32. In practice, due to cable lengths and data rates a smaller number of slaves may be necessary.

The DanLoad 6000 operates as an addressable slave station, and 'speaks only when spoken to'; this is a necessary consequence of RS- 485 multidrop communications, which requires that a slave station reply only to a message directed to it.

The DanLoad 6000 does not respond to a message that is 'incorrectly framed', i.e. not its address, an unused function code or an incorrect error check.

The DanLoad 6000 does not respond to a message that is 'incomplete', i.e. fewer or more characters than expected.

The DanLoad 6000 ignores (throws away) any characters that are transmitted to it by the automation system while it is processing a previous command from the automation system.

The DanLoad 6000 is not ready to receive characters until a few milliseconds after it has completed a transmission. The automation system should delay 50 milliseconds between receiving the last character of a message from a DanLoad 6000 and transmitting the first character of a message to the same DanLoad 6000. If necessary, this delay can be configured with the CommT3Delay property.

This driver can only be used as the master in the communication network and it does not support exception messages. The device should behave as a slave in your RS-232/485 network.

This driver supports serial-over-ethernet.

Important note:

If you communicate using a serial port, this driver can detect a DanLoad 6000 timeout condition and automatically send a Start Communications attempt followed by a command retry before abandoning the communication and throwing a communication error.

If you are using serial-over-ip with an ip-to-serial converter, the driver will not send the Start Communications command automatically and thus it should be specifically called by your application when a communication error is detected.

Available Commands:

Supported Devices:

(This list is only indicative and may exist other unlisted equipment that are also communicable with this driver).

This driver includes:

Available Downloads:

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